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Become a Sales Acceleration Partner

We treat you as Predicio’s extended entity

We are committed to make sure you succeed with your sales in specific markets based on a whitelist.

What can we offer you?


✓ Technical and sales consultancy support
✓ Comprehensive data offerings ranging 40 different geographies
✓ Product and compliance documentation
✓ 100% transparent process at every deal stage
✓ Regular monthly meetings to discuss opportunities that we can develop together

Ready to join Predicio's Partner Ecosystem?

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Your Leads

Push deals to profit from a revenue share from Predicio’s data license. Agree on monthly revenue commitment and receive a specific revshare on each deal.


Your Rewards

Revenue share on all closed deals

Low involvement

Ideal for individuals or small organizations

You provide Predicio with leads and referrals, and we take it from there!

High involvement

Ideal for larger organizations

With Predicio’s support, you are leading the sales process from start to finish

Unlock new revenue potentials by joining our Partner ecosystem