POI Visitation Data

Obtain datasets of the highest precision and accuracy with full GDPR & CCPA compliance.

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Predicio's POI Visitation Data

is suitable for businesses looking to get insights on existing their consumer base, to create new audience segments, or to obtain data on movement analytics and mobility patterns.

Tying mobile location to any desired locations based on accurate polygons and radii. We create them to better understand the movement of mobile users within the POI. This can be delivered as:

  • Anonymous insights & reports
  • A live visitation stream
  • Advertising segments pushed to DSPs 


Refine the data

We ensure the location data from our panel is accurate by removing all false positives and wrong signals.

Determine the precise location

We maintain a precise POI database using different sources in addition to our own validation algorithms. We then analyse movement around the area based on polygons or radii, depending on our clients' needs.

Identify true visitations

We developed our proprietary visit confidence index which allows us to qualify visits based on a number of factors. Examples of factors considered: horizontal accuracy, number of data points shared within the POI, dwell time, proximity to the center of the POI, and concentration of different POIs in the area

use case

The value of polygon-based POIs in our methodology

Knowing the exact area that you are looking to analyse foot traffic in is crucial for drawing valuable insights on consumers. This is why Predicio creates polygons in order to ensure that only real visitations are accounted for. We have a large inventory of polygon and radii-based POIs and are able to create additional, custom polygons upon request.

Foot traffic to a specific point of interest
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To provide you with location datasets that are built around 3 core principles

Precise data

High Precision

We partner with app publishers to collect ultra-granular location data via our SDK.

Accurate insights

High Accuracy

Our job is to aggregate, clean and refine the data to ensure it is representative of the user journey in the real world. So we make sure we do it right!

Privacy compliant

Full Privacy Compliance 

We are proactive in ensuring that we collect and process our users’ personal data in accordance with the key GDPR & CCPA principles.




Raw Location Data

Structured data that’s ready to be directly ingested in many different formats and is used to understand crowd behaviors, to conduct market research, and for trend analysis.

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Location data feed
Foot traffic measurement

Footfall Measurement

Used to measure the effectiveness of mobile ad campaigns in generating the desired foot traffic to your POIs. This data provides a more holistic picture of the user journey to understand what other places are those users visiting, how much time do they spend of proximity to the POI, what are their brand affinities... and more!

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Predicio provides audience data in a variety of customisable formats. The aim is to facilitate your data-driven decision making which is why we adapt our data to fit your specific needs. Schedule a call with our sales team to get started!

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