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Precise Data

We partner with app publishers to collect ultra-granular location data via our SDK.


Accurate Insights

We aggregate, clean and refine the data to ensure it is representative of the user journey in the real world.


With GDPR-compliance

We are proactive in ensuring that we collect and process our users’ personal data in accordance with the key GDPR principles.


Our Solutions

Raw Location Data

Structured data that’s ready to be directly ingested in many different formats and is used to understand crowd behaviors, to conduct market research, and for trend analysis.

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Raw Location Data tied to Points of Interest

Tying mobile location to any desired commercial locations & spaces based on accurate polygons and radii. We create them to get a better understand the movement of mobile users within to the POI.

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Footfall Measurement

Used to measure the effectiveness of mobile ad campaigns in generating the desired foot traffic to your POIs. This data provides a more holistic picture of the user journey to understand what other places are those users visiting, how much time do they spend of proximity to the POI, what are their brand affinities... and more!

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